Pre-defined Strategies

It comes with 6 pre-defined strategies that works well in both NSE and MCX market. Just Add the symbol and trade will go automatically.

Safe & Secure

We Don't take any trading platform details such as id or Password. We authenticate directly from broker end. So its safe and totally secure.

Chat Support

Our application is having inbuild chat support option. If you have any query about the working procedure of the algo trading, you can ping us.


Algo Crab is the 1 step Algo Trading Platform for 7+ API based brokers.


We are the leading algo trading service provider in India. Algo crab is the Multi-broker Algo trading platform which cover more than 7 brokers at one step. It comes with 6 Pre-defined strategies with proper performance report, Heatmap to choose the best performing stock , Signals section to watch and stay updated with the running signals.

The Algo trading is very safe and the profitable way of trading. Because while trading manually, we always loose the money due to the intervention of our emotions. Switch to the Algo trading to save time and money.

"All of our strategies and Indicators are Unique, Exclusive and Profitable".

Why Choose us?


Encrypt User Data

We always use the encyption and decryption methods so we don't store users personal information.


Most Credibility

We Always authenticate the trades by the brokers website. We don't store any data.


Flexibility & Easy to Use

You can trade & invest via various tools. Our Algo Trading platform is very easy to use.

We are the best
Algo Trading Provider.


Traders Joined
Most of Active


Brokers Included
Working Well


Best Pre-defined
Strategies Available


Full satisfaction
Customer Support


Trading with 3rd Party
Charting is also Possible!.

Algo Crab is a platform for where you can trade from any charting software like MT4, Amibroker, Tradingview, Ninja Trader, etc.

Yes! Trading with any 3rd party charting platform is also available with our web-based algo platform. We have made simple doc about how to send the signals to our bridge. Any Developer can implement the code accordingly/

In case anyone is having a strategy in MT4 or any idea about the strategy, we can develop the same into the MT4 by taking a nominal one time development charges. It will not take more than 2 days to create a new indicator.

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